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Through a strange and what some would consider a “God set of circumstances”, Todd met a senior editor who invited him to do a project with New Leaf Press out of California. As a result, Todd wrote a devotional based on the songs from his first album, Common Bond. This project contains writings by Todd personally about each of the ten songs on this recording project, followed by 10 life stories either written by each person or through interviews with people whose life story mirrors the theme of each song.

This is a book filled with stories of how Christian people encountered difficulty, tragedy, and trial, and desired to honor God with their responses. The devotional comes with 10 real-life-stories and a CD of Todd’s recording, Common Bond.

These “life stories”

come from the following people:

  • Gracia Burnham, Rosehill, KS – Author of the book In the Presence of Mine Enemies, kidnapped with her husband in the Philippines, then finally rescued, only to lose her husband to a stray bullet in the effort to free them.Your Content Goes Here

  • Julie Skillman, Casper, WY – survived numerous bouts with cancer, and continues to speak for women’s events. UPDATE: Julie lost her battle with cancer in 2007.

  • Jill Laffoon, Wichita, KS – lost her father when she was 13 years old.

  • Pastor Mark Shaner, Anderson, IN – parents divorced when he was a teen.

  • Todd Laffoon, Wichita, KS – two failed marriages, now finding out how to be thankful for the past and happily married.

  • Koni Manzi, Wichita, KS – abandoned by parents in Seoul, Korea in a phone booth as a young child.Your Content Goes Here

  • Jeff Jones, Wichita, KS – survived an adolescence plagued with addictions and distractions.

  • Dianne Coleman, Wichita, KS – spent 6 years in a covenant as a nun, divorced after 18 years of marriage.

  • Darlene McCulley, Maize, KS – mother of 4 children who lost her husband to cancer after 24 years of marriage.

  • Pastor Todd Braschler, Wichita, KS – how one skinny, football player began a life of pursuing his potential in Christ.

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