As a father of three boys, the greatest challenge quickly became channeling their energies, their focus and intention in a powerful, God-honoring direction.  Similarly, re-directing the energy, the focus and the intention of a man is a powerful, life-changing experience for men seeking this kind of discipline.

Where do men currently pour their time and energy?  Sports, retirement, security, hobbies?  These are all great areas of focus, but for the man desiring to live in God’s pleasure, they are not even in the top 5.

FIGHT LIKE A MAN is simply that – a refocusing on the strength and energy of a man in four major areas of his life that bring him into alignment with the anointing, the favor and the power of God.

4 Challenges Coming to Men Who Attend:

1.  Fight like a man for God’s PURPOSE – Aligning my life with the passion and vision God has for me.
2.  Fight like a man for God’s POWER – Accepting His strength to fight against temptation and pride.
3.  Fight like a man for God’s PRIORITY – Realizing the value God places on relationships with others, on people in general.
4.  Fight like a man for God’s PASSION – Accepting His highest calling, the burden to utilize our life for sake of another.

Iraqi Freedom

TESTIMONY OF A SOLDIER – Good morning Todd, my name is SFC Richard Kollar; I recently attended the Men’s Retreat up at Big Sandy Campground in Minnesota. I know you probably hear this all the time, but regardless; I want to thank you for the immense motivation and strategies you are providing people as they seek the Lord.

Todd, there were many key points made during your retreat “Fight Like a Man”. I am an active duty Soldier in the Army, it’s all too often that in my career field & that we (Soldiers) are taught to become very independent; to become self reliant in nearly every aspect of our life. This bravado, this “pride” was truly acknowledged; your investment in us helped me highlight last weekend many of my own weaknesses.

For all too long I have thought of myself as a prepared Soldier, a well-rounded person as a whole. I thought of myself as being physically fit, being mentally tough; I knew that I was spiritually weak, but simply thought of that as a minor crack in my armor. But when in fact, until I’m spiritually right with the Lord I have no armor in the in the first place; I’m naked & weak. When beyond doubt it is from the Lord that I am healthy & fit, it is from the Lord that I have any mentally capacities at all and it’s with my faith in Christ that I’m truly a man prepared to fight.

Todd, this last weekend’s retreat has been more enlightening & rewarding than I had ever expected. The companionship/fellowship with the other men, the lessons you provided and God’s grace upon us that weekend has been and will continue to be – Life Changing!

Thank you Todd, and praise Christ our Lord. Sincerely, SFC Richard Kollar