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The anointing of God is the one element in worship we cannot do without. We may be able to survive with less than quality instruments, or slides rather than power point. We may experience a wonderful morning with a well-prepared worship team and our best soloist. On the other hand, having studio musicians and hired technical crews doesn’t necessarily mean that the power of the Holy Spirit is definitely going to be present either.

However, the purest experience in worship occurs when God sees our passion, our heart, our intent and our motivation, and pours His anointing, His Spirit into everything we say and sing. When important elements in the preparation, attitude and leading of worship are truly aligned with the passion and heart of God, it seems the power and anointing of God is endless in a service.

  • Members are RELATIVELY committed to rehearsals.
  • Performance takes precedence over MESSAGE.
  • Music is prepared and presented short of EXCELLENT
  • Directors are seen as teachers more than EQUIPPERS.
  • Corporately supportive, but privately CRITICAL.
  • CONDITIONAL offering of gifts and talents.
  • Leading worship without personally WORSHIPING.
  • Portraying a leader of worship without LEADERSHIP activity.
  • Worship is seen as an activity over a RESPONSE.
  • Allow a unified message/vision to define us.
  • Navigate through music in spirit and truth – excellence.
  • Offer freedom of expression to the leader/director.
  • Invest Spiritual Gifts in the worship ministry.
  • Never sing/play to an audience, help them listen instead.
  • Target a heart for aligned ministry.


Again, wonderful having you at Bayside this weekend. It was very enriching, thought provoking, and insightful. I appreciate your heart for ministry, leadership development, visioning, and investing in our team. This weekend was everything I had hoped for and more. I am already hearing wonderful reports from our team. I will let you know of any developments over the next few days and weeks. I was so encouraged by you and our team. Thanks for all of your kind words and I look forward to fleshing out some of your teaching with our team over the next weeks and months.

I can’t wait to see the responses you will be sending back to me. I have included my evaluation. The way you customized the weekend for us was brilliant. We really enjoyed following your worship leadership. It was a real treat for me to follow along with the team. Thanks for making everything great and I will spread the word.

Shawn Viars
Worship Pastor at Bayside Community Church, Safety Harbor, FL.

Read a published article(pdf) by Todd in the Journal of Worship of the Church of God, Anderson, IN