This one-on-one experience is founded on three basic pillars:

  1. How did Jesus lead people?
  2. How did Jesus communicate his leadership and vision?
  3. How did Jesus lead with his definition of “vision?

Video Testimonials

Testimonies from Pastors:

Pastor Roy Ferguson
Busti Church of God
Jamestown, NY

“The exercise of excavation has helped me begin to break down unhealthy patterns of ‘destination thinking’ that I have allowed to define me in defeatist ways. While that process has been painful at times, it has afforded me the opportunity to begin looking at myself through the eyes of Jesus, and that offers me a much more hopeful outlook on my life from the past, present and future. It has also been encouraging to meet consistently with someone other than family who believes in me and the calling that God has placed on my life. Looking back to one year ago, the timing couldn’t have been better as I am able to see that I was in a more desperate situation than I even knew. The view that I had of my life and ministry for both my family and Busti COG was in an unhealthy place, and this past year has helped me to rediscover a hope that I was losing.”


Pastor Matt Lucas
Wichita, KS

“I would say the major change has been in how I communicate. Of course, as a senior pastor, a significant part of my time and responsibility is communicating with others. Todd has helped me to understand the value of being a ‘visionary communicator.’  And not only understanding the value, but equipping me to become one. Nearly every pastor I know is motivated by the desire to see lives changed, more specifically, lives changed by an encounter with Christ. I was puzzled as to why these life changes weren’t happening around me or as a result of my ministry. By becoming a visionary communicator, and then further developing a vision for people, has helped me to see why these life changes weren’t happening, and I am happy to say I am beginning to see them happen. I had rarely communicated in such a way that people aspired to be something more or different as a result of my communication of the gospel. I see now the positive response to a change in communication mindset.”


Pastor Jerry Sharp
Sunnyside Church of God
Clayton, LA

“I am a changed man! I am on the brink of celebrating 20 yrs of marriage. My wife, Audrey, and I have five wonderful children that range in age from two to twelve. My wife and I own an automobile parts/repair business. I am a bi-vocational pastor of Sunnyside church. In each area of my life I see growth, change (for the good), deeper/stronger relationships (built on openness, honesty and trust) and a unity that has never before existed. My strategy on leading has taken a serious overhaul. This ‘overhaul’ began with a tear-down and has since been a process of rebuilding as the Lord has His way in my life. I am now convinced that unless a person sees the reality of where they are, where they are headed and the results thereof, there will be no significant changes taking place. This ‘seeing’ is the basis for becoming a visionary communicator. The visionary communicator excavates the original design by removing the effects that sin has had down through the years and generations. The result is evident in the change of approach in problem-solving, encouragement, relationship-building and leading.”


Jesus is a perfect example for every aspect of our life and our leadership. Scripture is full of examples of how Jesus engaged people, communicated leadership, led with a different definition of vision, and moved people toward openness to change and transformation. Unfortunately, Christian leaders take leadership cues from the world often when it comes to understanding these powerful elements of leadership that are actually incredibly modeled by Jesus.   Jesus did not lead people the way the world has taught us to lead.

A Visionary Communicator is a one-on-one engagement for leaders who desire to experience the kind of transformation in themselves and in those they intend to lead.  The central focus and question we endeavor to approach is:

“How did Jesus model moving people, leading them to an openness to change and transform?”

This is a community God is creating through our ministry to transform leaders more into the image and nature of Jesus as they faithfully lead others both in business and in ministry.

1.  A COACHING relationship – “I have a plan and a program and wisdom you need to follow.”
2.  A MENTORING relationship – “I’m an expert and you can be one too.”
3.  A CONSULTING arrangement – “Follow my example and advice.”

Instead, this is described more as an EXCAVATING experience, unearthing and uncovering what I believe God is already speaking to you about and showing you as a leader.  This is an effort of uncovering and clarifying a vision for yourself and for those God has placed under your leadership.  Read more…

There are (10) passages of scripture serving as the foundation for this experience designed to transform a leader of a home, a ministry or a business into a very different kind of leader Jesus modeled for us.

Ephesians 1:18 (NIV) – “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people…”  A Visionary Communicator, modeled after Jesus, grows in the discipline of worshiping, reading God’s Words and hearing and seeing God’s leadership and vision from the “soul”, the “eyes of the heart” more than the “wisdom of his mind.”    Read More…


These passages and more serve as the biblical foundation for every discussion and every new insight into the way Jesus so profoundly led and moved people toward transformation.

This time together focuses on the following specifically:

  1.  Communicating the way Jesus models communication in scripture, as a visionary communicator.
  2. Re-defining the concept of “leading with vision” based on God’s Word, not the example of business.
  3. The approach of Jesus to moving people, getting them engaged and committed.
  4. Conflict resolution done the way Jesus modeled.
  5. Vision for my life and my family clarified profoundly must come before vision for my ministry, my business or my endeavor.

Read two testimonies from men who have been working in this experience.

For more information, contact Todd directly.