Tremendous effort with little return—is there any other aspect of ministry more defeating and demotivating than this?   Pouring our life into a vision, an effort, an event, only to see the response and attendance equal on average of 33% of the attendance/commitment we hoped for—that is a heavy  burden when leading people.

How can we present our leadership, our project, our retreat in such a way that it, in essence, captures the heart of people and compels their involvement? 


Clayton, OH
Clayton, OHSalem Church of God Salem Church of God Former Senior Pastor Bob Moss

“Every pastor in America needs to hear what you had to say, Todd, because of these two concepts:

  • If you attract people for a certain reason, they will eventually leave for that same reason.  I would say that has been true even for Salem’s 117 history.  There have been times when the growth mushroomed up for certain reasons, and when those certain reasons were no longer there, the growth dissipated.
  • If you can help people understand, or even if every pastor can identify, “What kind of people you are trying to build through this ministry?”, and people can begin to articulate that back, this is the purpose of the church – to build that kind of person.  I think that would be transformational.

This is designed as a workshop to offer leaders insight and strategy to accomplish the following utilizing a men’s ministry retreat as an example:

  • Capture the hearts of people prior to asking for their commitment or attendance or sacrifice.
  • Position these commitments as strategies, as tools to become the person God is calling us to be.
  • Utilizing vision, projects, retreats to build people instead of using people to make these experiences successful.

This 1-day training experience is divided into three categories:

  • Introduction  to the concept of “aspire.”
  • Positioning our leadership efforts.
  • Capturing the hearts of people.

 Topics for this training include:

  • A Dream for Leading People.
  • Obstacles that Often Hold Us Back.

  • Evidence of a Successful Endeavor.

  • Common Philosophies for Attracting People.

  • Capturing Hearts With the Unseen.

  • God’s Promised Anointing for Our Leadership.

  • Vision for People.

  • The “Right Tool” Mentality.

  • Inspiration vs “Aspire—ation.”

  • The Practical “How.

The concepts and teaching are applicable to every ministry area.  This training will accomplish the following in those who attend:

  • Re-position ideas on how to powerfully launch a ministry, an event, a project, or a vision.
  • Lead the participant to an all-encompassing vision for the kind of people they are called to build through their leadership.
  • Introduce a Biblical method of presenting ministry opportunities and commitment to people.
  • Lead those in attendance toward capturing the heart of people before acquiring their involvement or attendance.