My life was forever changed the day I was personally led to understand and discover elements of my life that God had already bestowed upon me. Like those around me then and ever since, understanding this element of God’s vision for us is crucial to know exactly how he desires our life to be invested.

SHAPE is a two-day experience for a staff, for leaders and for laypeople that accomplishes the following:

1. Uncovers God’s calling on an individual
2. Gives direction for where our life can be invested in the lives of people
3. Establishes a development plan for my life
4. Builds communication and connection with teams and a staff as they learn about each other.

This acronym stands for:

S – Spiritual gifts discovery
H – The “heart” or “passion” or “burden” God has given me for His people
A – The abilities God may want to use that are both natural to me and developed since my birth
P – The unique “personality” that might help me determine where I might fit into ministry
E – Experiences of my life were, in part, intended to break my heart for people in some life situation
similar to my own