If you’ve ever packed for a week’s vacation, only to arrive at your destination to find out the weather was nothing like what you had planned for, than you will relate to this experience. Seasons of a Son is a (3) – session Father/Mentor & Son experience designed to visit the (4) transition periods of any man, any son.  It’s nothing more than simply, through God’s Word, preparing a man for the next season of his life, and understanding the current reality where he is living.

Even more, it is a glimpse into the seasons of becoming a man and existing as a man and how they are coordinated and created by God to mirror the seasons of our relationship with Him.

Like packing the wrong clothes for a week’s weather, we can sometimes find ourselves trying to exist in one season of our relationship with a son or dad, only to find out that one of us has changed, has transitioned onto a different season. Without being aware of these seasons and their purpose through Christ, we can alienate one another, if not exasperate each other unless we can identify that a change has occurred.

This weekend workshop is designed to offer dads and sons the opportunity to identify what season they   might be existing in currently, and prepare for the season to come, regardless of their ages.

These (4) seasons are defined as follows:

  1. The HERO Season
  3. The INDEPENDENCE Season
  4. The FRIENDSHIP Season

Responses from this experience:

  • “After this experience I feel open-minded to see the future of the man I want to be and husband/father and how to lead my sons in the path in the and Christ.”Timothy “Gunner” Geib
  • “I learned the most about how to handle the different parts of our lives.”   Nathaniel Bakken
  • “The portion of the workshop having the greatest impact on me personally was realizing I still see myself through my own finite lenses and learning about God’s infinite lenses.” Chris Griffith
  • “The portion of the workshop having the greatest impact on me personally was ‘full release’ has opened my eyes to the path before me with my sons.”  Philip Johnson
  • “My significant ‘ah ha’ from this workshop was that just because my kids are grown doesn’t mean time has passed – I can start now.”   Pastor Paul Osborne Jr.
  • “God bless you, man of God! Thank you so much for your heartfelt interactive testimony and teaching on fatherhood.”  Timothy Sarell
  • “Thank you for speaking on a topic that is not commonly discussed.”   Zack Johnson