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Building The Church of His Dreams

We know God has a dream for the church. Scripture describes for us many details about the kind of church God intended. He promises a very powerful gift to the Body when we are passionate to stay on track with the purpose and dream He initiated for the church – the extraordinary power of His Spirit. If you’ve ever been involved in ministry without the anointing of God, you know what a job ministry becomes – powerless, unfulfilling, lacking the vitality of what should be in the Body of Christ. Man’s efforts + God’s Anointing = The Church of His Dreams.

4 Key Alignment Challenges to Experience God’s Strong Support:

1. Leading, preparing, envisioning and articulating a church that God would choose to bless. With the understanding that God chooses to anoint or abandon ministry, depending on its intent, the question became, “If God has a dream and passion for the church, what type of church or ministry would God choose to anoint?” “If the blessing and anointing of God were on a congregation or ministry, what would happen as a result?”

2. Preparation for the blessing of God before it arrives. This preparation is simply building a foundation for ministry before that ministry and more people actually arrive.

3. Organizing the extra-ordinary care and development of people. Challenging leaders to re-think their personal definition of “extra-ordinary care” through how we are truly heartbroken for new people, to “build people using their church and ministry rather than using people to build and accomplish their work, church, and ministry.”

4. Raising the value of new and lost people to a ministry- the passion and compelling reason for the church – seeing new and lost people as God’s ultimate reward for ministry done well. Lose this focus and compelling reason for a Church, and the anointed church ceases to exist.

Want to be a church of God’s dreams? Hold off on planning another outreach event, evangelistic endeavor, or seasonal production until these four alignment challenges are strong and in place. There’s nothing worse that inviting people to dinner, only to forget to cook the meal.


These are not “buy my notebook and fill in blanks” conferences/coaching. If you’ve been a leader very long, your shelves are full of these kinds of resources.
These are brainstorming, foundation-building experiences where the following does not occur:
1. You purchase materials you may never use.
2. You come home with great information and little, if any, plan on how to use it.
3. You must take on a whole new program, learn new lingo, and abandon your current programs.

How will these experiences be facilitated?

There will be no new programs to adapt to, no new set of terms to begin using. The result of everything discussed will be developed by your own leadership. No more notebooks with blanks completed to be filed on a book shelf. No more coming from a conference excited with a notebook full of ideas without a definite idea on how to implement these thoughts and dreams. This is a very foundational, practical approach, with teaching, brainstorming, and problem solving opportunities. The room should be organized with tables for leaders to work together, brainstorm, and envision for the future with the staff.

Hosting expenses:
Travel expenses: Airfare or travel by vehicle expenses/lodging & meals are requested
Stipends are negotiable based on the average Sunday morning attendance. Contact Todd directly for this specific information.