Jesus somehow found a way to model everything for us.  Every aspect of our life is taught about and lived out through Jesus.  How awesome is our Heavenly Father to think of everything for us ahead of time?

One powerful example for us in the area of our “free will” was demonstrated through the words of Jesus while hanging on the cross.

These words are found in Luke 22:42 in a very desperate moment for Jesus:

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

The powerful moment of acquiescing, of giving up our own will for God’s will.  Just imagine a home or a marriage or a family or a church following this example in our world today.  Very powerful.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS “WILL”? is an experience for individuals(based on the experience of the book Where’s Waldo?) as a workshop on discovering just exactly where our will has been placed – in God’s trustworthy hands, or in someone else’s hands.


  • Available in (3) forms:  LIVE ONLINE, VIDEO ONLINE, LIVE IN PERSON led by Todd.
  • (6-12 sessions) unique offerings for churches, small groups, families and individuals
  • LIVE ONELINE Occurs on Wednesday evenings
  • A LIVE ONLINE experience through Zoom OR RECORDED EVENT broken up to a time frame that works for you
  • Not a lecture or sermon series, but a workshop instead
  • Master booklet/zoom link sent in advance to be distributed through the church

Those meeting together:

  • At a church on Wednesday evenings
  • In small groups, or
  • At home alone can participate.
  • At church for a weekend retreat

(If a church hosts the event and purchases access, members of that church can participate through their church as a part of their ministry.)

These (6) topics (can also be divided into 12 sessions) will be organized around the following themes:

  1. (7) Exchanges of Will in Our Lifetime(Part 1)
  2. (7) Exchanges of Will in Our Lifetime(Part 2)
  3. Exchanging our Will for God’s Will
  4. Trumping God’s Will is Easy
  5. If God Had His Way with Me…?
  6. Clarifying Boundaries of the Path I’m Called to Walk


Most people live their entire lives without ever knowing fully God’s will. The reason often stems from a lifetime of praying and asking the incorrect questions. The questions often leading people in a floundering, frustrating walk with Jesus and understanding His will are usually “God, what do you want me to do/Where do you want me to go?”

“I wanted to pass along that the topic (especially on the Senior age spectrum) that really hit home with several of our members. That evening we had three widowed ladies and one of those has not been the easiest widow to pastor. I know it really made her think when you began talking about giving up part of your will in your older age. She listened intently.  Her husband was very sick for several years and she refused to put him into a home. I believe she was receiving his retirement and that was the biggest reason. She finally had too. She was very bitter about it and she had to give up a piece of her will for the betterment of her husband. She is still healing from it, he died 2 years ago. This will allow perfect opportunity for continued conversation about how God is using her now.”
Pastor Clint McBroom

First Church of God, Newton, KS

“The presentation last night was a hit with my people.  We had people who logged on from home and about 35 who came to church.”
Rev. Georg Karl

Tanner Street Church of God, Sikeston, MO

“Really enjoying this series…it has challenged me in ways that I needed.
I thought the breakout session worked really well. It was cool talking with new folks. And we had three states represented: Nebraska, Minnesota and Indiana.”
Pastor Bruce Applegate

Mt. Pleasant Church of God, Evansville, IN

“I learned the most about gaining greater confidence in our faith walk and what the Lord has taught us about trusting Him.”
Mrs. Martha Healy

Lakeview Community Church, Hillman, MN

“I learned the most about what stops us from following/hearing the will of God in our lives. Even though we’ve been working together for the past few years- there are still words or ideas that block God’s will and heart for my life.”
Pastor Paul Osborne
Lakeview Community Church, Hillman, MN



The question God longs to hear from us is more likely:

“God, who do you want me to be?”

That’s the entire focus of this experience.


Contact Todd directly for more information!